Illustration Friday: “Phobia”

Rob Christianson
Here’s my submission for this week’s Illustration Friday. I call this one “Coulrophobia”.
Did you ever see Poltergeist? Well I was traumatized by that film at a young age… especially the scene with the clown doll and it’s long snakey arms trying to pull young “Robbie” under the bed and grinning manaiacly. (shudder) Poor, poor Robbie. Man, that was creepy.


5 Replies to “Illustration Friday: “Phobia””

  1. too many people are afraid of clowns. I think it’s time we stopped giving them a bad rap. John Wayne gacy is Dead, people! Pennywise ain’t real!

    Of course, Red Buttons still haunts my nightmares…Damn that guy was scary…

  2. I TOTALLY relate to the poltergeist thing…I was sooo traumatized by the clown part, that’s the only part of the movie I remember! Cool sketch!!

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