New Project: Good Company

This week should be an exciting, if not scary one for me here at Media Partners. I’ve done lots of graphics, and I totally feel at home in Photoshop. I should, I’ve been using it almost every day for 10 years now! But one thing I’ve never tackled before is video editing/production.

My next big task here is to create an animated music video, similar to what you see over at JibJab (the Bush vs. Kerry animations from the 04 election). I’ll be learning AfterEffects, and Sion has a friend of his coming in tomorrow to give me a day-long primer on the software. The last time I did anything animated (aside from Flash, i’m talking frame-by-frame animation) was probably back in DeluxePaint on my Amiga 500 about 15 years ago! But i’m excited cuz i’ve never done it before, but have always wanted to. It should be fun – just pray for me that I don’t screw it up! This isn’t a “for fun” thing, it’s a real project with a real deadline, working under a REAL producer.

But the kids and I watched Curious George the other night, with all of the background how-to animation stuff, and then last I was watching a few of the bonus DVD features on Star Wars II – mini-documentaries on the art department and the sound effects/foley artists. Looking at how picky Lucas was with them, I can only imagine what this project will be like for me. After all, the product needs to sell, and be very well produced. Jim has confidence in me which I’m very flattered by (so far I’ve only been an illustrator, never taking my work into the next dimension) so hopefully it will go smoothly. If it’s okay with the powers that be, I may post project updates and snippits here for you to look at. If there are any of you actually reading this, that is. If so, let me know!


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