The Tree

I started up the path – the straight, narrow path, to meet with the Lord.
I came to the narrow gate, and that’s where I entered into His presence.
As I started pouring out my heart to Him, climbing higher still, I came to a decision point.
There were three ways I could go. I went straight – I went up.
The forest surrounded me – slippery places, hidden roots and vines, fallen logs to overcome – but I pressed on.
Confessing my faults, my weaknesses, He just listened.
It seemed like hours went by as I climbed the wooded hill.
Eventually I ran out of things to say… and that’s when the hill ended.
The quietness surrounded me as my climb eased and the path started downhill.
That’s when he stopped me. “Look to the right. See that clearning?”
I followed and stepped off the path. I sat in that clearing on a fallen log. And that’s when he showed me the tree.
It wasn’t the tallest tree… in fact, it was rather frail. The other trees towered over it.
I kept looking. “It’s not the strongest tree.” It’s branches went this way and that.
Some branches broke or sagged under the weight of their leaves. But it was alive.
The tree was growing still. Against the will of the larger, stronger trees, this one still survived. Still grew, seemingly alone.
There weren’t many others like it nearby.
But the Lord kept me focused on the tree.
“This tree is not what people think is perfect. But it’s perfect to me. It’s just the way I want it.
And so are you.”


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