Urg, what a busy day. Nothing visual to show. Just want to vent. I had to update the GEP site today cuz an item is out of stock, and there were server and permissions issues all over the place! Ugh.

Then I had to finish one of my last templates for the Customer Service site, and then I realized I still need to do a couple product pages. Those may have to wait for Monday.

Also, I remembered we still hadn’t got back revisions from the team on the stuffer brochure I did for Moment of Truth, probably about a month ago. I found those, made the changes and starting printing out about 150 for Phil, when the printer started making horrible noises! Turns out it was set to the wrong paper setting. Hope nothing got fried, better check it again.

AND I have someone breathing down my neck to get some brochures printed for them, AND I forgot to go to the pirate store for Michael’s birthday party tonight. It seems like it’s 6:00 already with all the stuff I’ve done today, but it’s only 2:30. Eesh. Some Fridays feel like Mondays!


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