Church Bulliten

Jennifer asked me to do an illustration for the cover of the church bulletin this last week. “Love your neighbor” sort of theme, with a dash of “Home Improvement” thrown in. She says we’ve been watching too much Nick At Night lately ;) Wilson came out well, but my Tim Allen leaves MUCH to be desired. ;)


One Reply to “Church Bulliten”

  1. SATURDAY JUNE 28th 7:30am-4pm


    3408 EMILY Drive 75093-7129

    This Saturday, we are displaying one-of-a-kind paintings from the well-known artist and local Plano talent Nancy Healey. She is a sculptress and painter who strongly believes in God, beauty and the healing touch. And…Nancy’s MOVING! So, she’s selling many personal artworks. It’s a MUST – SEE!!
    As an artist, Nancy says, “For as long as I can remember I have known I would create with my hands at this stage of my life. The gift of creating comes from deep within my soul and is expressed by the guided presence of the Divine. Everything is from God. I allow His love and beauty to be expressed through me.

    SATURDAY 7:30am-4pm Please join us at the address below to see Nancy’s work!

    3408 EMILY Drive 75093-7129, Major street corners are Ohio & Parker Road, inside the Harrington Homeplace complex. Please park on the street. No alley entrance!!!

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