The Day InDesign Saved the World (with a Bunny)

Got a spur of the moment job to convert my product brochure into 4 pages to pop into the 15-yr old layout for a workbook for one of our training programs. And I have today and tomorrow to get it done. Not to mention redesign the cover also, since the original digital art is long gone, along with it’s designer, whoever that was… Whee! Luckily for me, I know InDesign, and I thought ahead when I designed my product brochure, and created it with InDesign. Yay adobe! You guys rock.

The first time this morning that I got all my text copied from one file to another, I hit cmd-S to save the file. SHOOP! “Ha ha Rob! InDesign has unexpectedly quit!” NOOOO! I cried out. Well, more like moaned under my breath, since I was so early in the process. So I fire up inDesign again, and lo! My file is there! “Recovery under progress! BAM” YES! 1-Up for me!! (doo-dee-doo-DOO!)

I love inDesign.

Ya know what else I love? My generous boss-guys. They take us all to lunch. They bought us a Wii. They bring us to movies. But you know what? It’s the little things too… like this one today appeared at my desk. He and his fat little brothers and sisters appeared all around the office to greet us after we got our morning coffee. Media Partners rox my soxorz. I love working here. =)

All hail the Bunny!
My cover design will be done by the end of tomorrow, along with these inside pages, Bunny willing. Ah yeah.


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