More than a Gut Feeling training video

Note: The thoughts and feelings expressed in this blog do not reflect the views of Media Partners Corporation in any way. Of course. Because it is a personal blog.

I just got done re-watching More Than A Gut Feeling (Coastal), an interviewing and hiring training video. When I first started working here, my boss asked us to watch this video, as it is one of the best sellers in the industry. A lot of people say that this show is a little dull, but I think it was well-acted and executed, even if the dialog was a bit contrived (kind of like those infomercials for the Magic Bullet).

In the end, the woman, Anne, showing up for the interview with the guy she’s been talking to during the whole plane ride, was a bit far fetched, because she probably would have known who she was interviewing with. But that doesn’t effect the content of this video. The content and training is solid, even if the program’s length is a little long-winded. In the end, I’ll give it 4 out of 5 pixels. ;)


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