Coffee Tumbler Portfolio

1. Like a lot of people these days, I commute to work on a train.
2. Lots of commuters bring coffee on the train.
3. I work in Seattle.
4. Seattle is a city with a great deal of creative people. (Not to mention, COFFEE!)
5. And where there are creative people there are art directors! (In fact, I met one already but didnt have a business card done up – that little oversight probably cost me a fat illustration job, but on the flip side, it did inspire me to seriously think about self-promotion efforts!) HENCE, my idea…

See, I’ve always customized the heck outta all my stuff – computer wallpapers, desktop icons, cassette tape video covers, popcorn poppers (!), even a computer monitor once. So I was psyched when Starbucks started selling these “Design Your Own” Coffee Tumblers. I like standing out in a crowd when it comes to my work, and have created 4-5 custom tumbler art pieces both for me and my wife. After my last tumbler art, I got to thinking -this could advertise and show off some of my best pieces, EVEN WHILE I’m sleeping on the train! Plus, contact information. So why not use it as ad space! I mean, this IS America, after all!!!

Without further ado, I present to you, the Coffee Tumbler Portfolio!

Here’s the flat art:

Basically, use my Coffee Tumbler template PSD, and copy and paste some of your best pieces into it. Also, don’t forget to include your name and title pretty large, so that people know what you do. And also include contact information – you might do a website, or like I did, e-mail address and phone number. Not only does this tumbler serve as a great conversation starter, it will advertise what you do, and could even make a great self-promo gift for your best clients!

All you need to do is cut it out with an X-acto once the design is finished and printed out, then head over to Starbucks and pick up a “Design Your Own Coffee Tumbler”, unscrew the bottom and stick your own artwork in. Fill with your favorite coffee or tea, and hit the road! Great for designers, illustrators and photographers!


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