Note: This has nothing to do with illustration, so if that’s why you’re here, you’ve been warned.

I heard a great talk on forgiveness this morning while listening to Focus on the Family as I drove to the train station. Did you know that probably 90% of the people who offend us don’t even realize what they did wrong? We can choose to remain bitter or try and justify things, or we can choose to walk in the grace God has given us. The speaker (along with the Holy Spirit) pointed out to me that the main reason our relationship with God dries up is that we need to forgive and be forgiven before anything else. (Funny how God’s timing is always perfect when he speaks to us…) You can pray and you can have people pray for you, you can read the Word of God, you can go to the altar or even take communion, but if your heart isn’t clear, nothing’s going to happen. And God doesn’t bend that rule for anybody.

It really hit home because I feel like a very important relationship is getting crowded out by all the “unimportant stuff” I feel I need to get done each day and night. So if any of you are reading this today, I recommend you listen to this, and to the person I am seeking forgiveness from, I’m sorry for all the big things, and all the little things that I’ve done that have disappointed you or shown flaws in myself. Please forgive me.


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