Everyday Creativity training video

Note: The thoughts and feelings expressed in this blog do not reflect the views of Media Partners Corporation in any way. Of course. Because it is a personal blog.

The Everyday Creativity with Dewitt Jones training video is one of my favorites that we sell. “We all have the ability to be creative – how do we access it and bring it out in everything we do?” asks Jones. He boils the principle down to looking at the ordinary and seeing the extraordinary.

As a creative person myself, I can really relate to the appreciation of the art that’s all around us in nature everyday, like Jones does. And that easily translates into how we solve everyday problems in our lives – no matter what the situation or obstacle, there’s always another perspective or way to look at it. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi says, “Many of the truths we cling do depend greatly on our point of view.” Is it a problem you’re looking at, or is it an opportunity. They’re usually the same thing – it just depends on your point of view.

This video is beautifully shot (Jones is a photojournalist for National Geographic), interestingly narrated, and just plain uplifting. Jones has a natural gift for speaking and teaching, and it really comes through in this video. Everyday Creativity makes a great addition to any trainer’s video library.

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