Sketchbook Shenanegans…

I checked out a book from the library about how to draw “new retro cartoon” style. Here’s a drawing of my children in their usual demeanor…
And here’s a great lesson God taught me today:

He got me to the train miraculously! Traffic was WAY backed up when I left this morning, and when I was still 20 minutes away from the train station, I had only 8 minutes until the train arrived. As I was listening to a praise CD I hadn’t heard in YEARS, the songs kept speaking to me: “God will make a way”, “He is able/He is able/To do much more than I could ever do” – It was as if God was saying “Just trust me, Rob.” He knew that I didn’t have money to pay for downtown parking. He knew I wasn’t going to find an empty space in our building’s parking garage. He knew I didn’t have time to even grab my computer from my trunk. God knew it all and I only needed to trust him! Like another song I heard this morning, right when I needed to hear it, “God is good! All the time!” (including this morning)

PS: This drawing is just an exaggeration. NEVER run in front of a train!!! Jesus said NOT to test God. BE RESPONSIBLE!!!


One Reply to “Sketchbook Shenanegans…”

  1. This is an amazing picture. Where did you learn to draw like this? I wish i was this talented! Well, keep up the good work.

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