Busy week in the forecast

I’ve been tasked with finding out how to create an animated “writing out” of the new show’s logo – and if I recall I’ve seen a video tutorial on how to do it in After Effects over at CreativeCow.net I think. It’s funny how you remember things that “hyperlink” to other things from a year ago that were unrelated to what you were doing then – at least that’s how my brain works.

Here’s the DVD wrap I finished laying out yesterday:

And the disc art which I did yesterday as well:

(Illustrator seems to really be bogging down, I imagine it’s about time to upgrade my computer. It’s a Dual 2Ghz PowerPC G5 – which seems fast, but then I’ve been using it for going on 3 yrs… Does CS3 demand too much from the old PowerPC chips? It is much smoother on Intel-Macs? It seems to glide on my MacBook…)


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