Some random stuff…

First off, I think I may have broke one of my toes last night. I was hurrying to put a pair of pants in my closet, and the kids had been packing for Youth Camp. My daughter left our largest piece of pull-along luggage in the middle of my walk-in closet, unbeknownst to me. And you can’t see black and purple very well in a pitch dark room… Now, like most folks, I know my way around my bedroom in the dark, but not when random evil is left in the primary walkway. So the suitcase and I got into an impromptu kicking match, and I didn’t win… does anyone out there have one of those walking-boot removable casts I might be able to borrow, if the doctor tells me it’s broken? Walking 10-15 minutes to and from the office isn’t exactly fun anymore…

Jennifer and the kids and I have been having fun geocaching lately … well apparently, Jen and Michael and I. Haylee suddenly hates it. Oh well, too bad for her. But check out my latest geo-trinket. I’m adding this little guy to my robot collection at my work desk. You can never have too many robots! (Well, until they decide to throw off the chains of servitude and rise up against their fleshly masters a la Terminator 2, that is… mark my words, the robot uprising is coming!)

Also, I randomly started thinking about who my favorite teachers had been in school, now that our kids’ school year is over… and I wondered what they’re up to… My fifth grade teacher, Lisa Marahrens, and my high school art teacher Bob Stockton both came to mind. Ms. M (as we called her) was probably the first teacher to call me Rob rather than Robbie, and I think she really treated us fifth graders like young adults rather than little kids. I’ll always remember that. And my art teacher, Mr. Stockton, really taught me that if this is something you want to do with your life, there are many ways to do it… illustration, graphic design, teaching, fine artist… and he gave me my first appreciation for jazz… we used to listen to Mose Allison records with the lights off and nothing but sunlight to work by – and that’s probably why I find jazz so relaxing and condusive to my art. If I could set up a personal studio in the back corner of a Starbucks, I’d be just as close to heaven as someone could be without dying…

Then I got thinking about my wife. I love her so much. I always wondered what my wife would be like when I was older, or if I’d even get married at all… I was REALLY shy, especially when it came to girls, back in school. I don’t know how I even managed to meet her, let alone propose, if God wasn’t in it. She’s truly a gift from Him, and I hope she knows just how much I think that, even if I’m not showing it. We have a date set up for tonight, now that the kids are off to camp for a week, and I’m going to really work on appreciating the time we have together without the pre-teen attitudes that seem to have moved in to my house without our permission lately.

I love my daughter, and I miss her already, but man, it’s so much easier being a guy. I don’t know how I’m going to get thru the teen “issues” if it’s all I can do to calm myself down and speak slowly to her, when her 11 year old brain decides that everything Mom says is grounds for an arguement, and nothing that dad tells her to do is more important than her “alone” time.

I had a really great saturday with my son – we did LOTS of yardwork together – trimming hedges (both for our first time), pulling weeds, cutting the grass together, cleaning the dog stuff out of the back yard, shooting down wasp nests, etc. He’s a great kid when he wants to get along with ya. I miss him already too – and i’m sad that his baseball season is over already. I always think his season should be longer – it takes him a while to get used to batting (i remember the long wait getting up to bat when we played in gym class, then the pressure of the team counting on you to get a hit, and then striking out and having to wait another inning and a half to get a chance to try again), but I totally love going to his games. This week I’m working on putting a video together for his team.

Well, enough rambling. I have a freelance project waiting in the wings and a limited train ride to do it…


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