Craaaazy day!

Ah, what a busy day! Trying to cram a full weeks worth of work into 2 days is no fun. I had lots of stuff to do today, and most of it got done.

I had to create a Notice graphic for our homepage for my CatchTheFish website. CHECK.

I had to create the CD Rom interfaces for the Preview and Purchase versions of the new show’s Leaders Guide + PowerPoint disks. Check. (bonus points for getting them working on the first try! Yay me!)

I created a loose layout, a nice header graphic, and 3 still shots for an outgoing email – all within about 15 minutes… CHECK.

Revising a product shot in Photoshop. CHECK.

Having to replace text to the DVD wrap that was re-written at the last moment, AFTER the design proof came back from the printer (internally approved already…) – no check. Still gotta do it. I’m trying to get that done on this train ride, but since STUPID MICROSOFT made the default file format for the new version of Word DOCX and most people who use Word don’t bother to check their file formats before distributing them, now I need to download a plugin from STUPID MICROSOFT. Me and Bill aren’t best buddies right now. Not to mention the fact that it’s been downloading for at least 10 minutes already, it is only 19% done and My train ride is 60% over… you do the math. STUPID MICROSOFT.

So I wont even be able to fix the wrap and send back a new proof to my boss until later tonight. I did NOT want to bring work all the way home. Oh well, such is life.

Tomorrow, depending on whether or not the Lord wills it, I will be going with Michael to Ranger Camp. If not, I’m sticking around to help Jennifer run a garage sale… a much needed one, too.


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