The Guest is all done…

Okay, once again, the freight train is done blowing by… I mean, one more show done and out the door, and crunchtime is over. The Guest is all done, all the materials are designed, it’s off to the duplication place, and I’m on to other ventures. If you’d like to preview it, go to the Media Partners home page and watch a free preview!

I also had to update the look of this blog – it was getting stale… how do you like the new look?

I’m working on a new site concept for Bob – I don’t have his layouts so i can’t flesh it out yet, but I did come across a few sites that inspired me. Here’s a quick preview:

Also, I got a killer deal on InDesign magazine (a PDF rag) – 2 years worth of issues for only $54, PLUS all 23 back issues as well. Couldn’t pass it up, so the boss got it for me. Also, Jim and Laurie had us over to their house for a summer BBQ in the middle of the day Wednesday. That was just awesome. Good burgers, too!!!

Let’s see, what else. OH, I need to update the Online Training course for The Guest now that the new film is done. Swap out graphics, video clips, etc. Should be easy. I’m just glad all the pieces that go into the show release are done – CD labels, DVD labels, DVD menus, CD interface, distributor site updated with graphics, DVD wraps, VHS wraps, pocket cards, etc. It’s all in the past… until the next show happens! I love my job. The stress and juggling come with the job, so you can’t get around that when deadlines are bearing down on ya, but I just love getting paid to make art. That’s just the best thing ever. A close second would be the fully stocked kitchen… mmmmm… waffles…. ;) Plus, the people I work with are pretty easy to tolerate too! (We’ll miss you Karen!!)

All that said, I need to go see if I can identify which of those online graphics need to be updated. Talk to ya later, peeps! (assuming people actually do read this…)


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