Altering Letterforms

I’m working on a type treatment for a logo and to match my original sketch, I’m having to be rather creative with the closest font I have to what I drew. One of these days, I’m going to sketch out a logo and have to create the whole typeface myself – which is ALMOST what I’m doing now.

Here’s my sketch:

I went thru my fonts and have found that Book Antiqua Bold most closely resembles what I’ve drawn, but I needed to squish it down vertically (a cardinal sin, I know!). I also need to create an elongated tail for the cap-R, which isn’t naturally part of the font I’ve chosen:

This tail is proving to be a very tricky part – when something is off the slightest bit, it’s very noticable – curves, widths, etc… at least it is to me. It really gives me an appreciation for the amount of design work that goes into creating every font. We tend to take that area of design for granted, I think… See what I mean?

This is definately a work in progress. But now I need to get off the train, so ta ta for now!!


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