Actually, a good day…

So after a bit of confusion and a huge traffic snarl this morning, I made it into work. Silly me, I was thinking I had an InDesign conference to go to today, but realized as I’m on the bus, about two hours after normally leaving the house, that the conference is on Aug. 8th, not Aug. 1st. DOH! (I wonder if the folks sitting around me on the bus noticed my Homer Simpson impression?)

But it turned out to be fine. Even though we missed out on the opportunity to go along with the church group to the Mariners game tonight, Jim and Bob are taking us all out to the ballgame next Wednesday! Woohoo!!! SODO MOJO, BABY! Ahem. Sorry. I don’t usually do that until the car ride home at night…. Anyways, I’m looking forward to a great game with a great view – they got Club Level seats! And mmmmm… a Mariners Dog and some famous Safeco Field Garlic Fries! The Mariners, despite what the critics say, are doing great lately. Now, they may not be winning so much, but they’ve definately gotten their game together and are finally playing with some heart.

Also, Jim and Gail decided to show some love for all the hard work we’ve done leading up to the recent release of The Guest 2E, and they had pizza brought in for lunch today. So all in all, a great sunny Friday at MPC. (until now… but that’s another story!)

Oh, and Haylee and I watched The Neverending Story last night. I love that movie. Even if it ends…


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