Church Bulleten Illustratioi

Here’s an illo i did recently for our church bulletin… The story where Jesus casts out the legion of demons into the swine. It was hard to think up a way to show the demons without freaking out the little kids in church, so i went with the “cloud of evil” approach… kind of The Neverending Story’s “nothing” meets Lemony Snicket…


2 Replies to “Church Bulleten Illustratioi”

  1. It’s not distorting the truth – how do you visualize something invisible? Besides, the children are in Children’s Church, not the main service.

    Seems to me that things you learn as a child, if a simplistic variance of the truth, is revealed as you learn and grow. Like Paul says, “When I was a child, I acted like a child, but when I grew up, it was time to put away childish things…”

    You don’t feed infants solid food, do you? No. Nothing wrong with that if the teaching is solid. We all are tasked with responding to the light we’ve been given… first you are given a little light, and if you seek it, God grants you more and more as you grow closer to Him.

    Thanks for the comment though. I like being challenged to think.

  2. Have you ever thought that catering to children could distort the truth? Eventually children grow up and continue to belive what they were taught, which was a twisted version of Scripture. And then they teach a similar message to the next generation, and the truth is lost.

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