Been working on this and that…

The Customer Service site is still waiting in the wings, pretty much ready to launch. It feels like NASA trying to launch a space shuttle…

Also, I’ve been killing time between minor tasks updating my company Product Brochure. I learned an awesome tip at the inDesign conference: LAYERS. Up until now, I’ve had 8 or so different versions of the brochure, one for each sales person. (the last page has their contact info and photo). It was always a hassle to make a text change or add a video on one, then have to duplicate the same revisions 8 times on the other documents. Now I’m moving stuff to layers…

Text on one layer. Photos/Images on one layer. Background design elements on one layer… and one layer each for the salespeople. Now I can just turn Paul’s layer on when I need to print one for him, turn Sue’s on when she needs one, and make any product changes in one place.

Why didn’t I think of this before?!? I’ve been using Photoshop’s layers for 10 years. I’ve been doing the same thing in Illusrator for almost 3 years. Why did it never occur to me to do it in inDesign?!?

Oh, and another thing from the conference. I WANT A WACOM CINTIQ drawing monitor!!


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