Okay, so get this…

I haven’t used Bryce for years… pretty much since I was a beta tester for v4. Well, they’re on v6 now, but when that version came out, I got an invitation from the new owner, Daz3D, to download the previous version (5.5) for free. Pretty generous, so I did it… that was a little while ago.

Then out of the blue, I get an email last week from someone at Daz3D who runs their ArtZone website, of which I joined a few years ago and uploaded some artwork to. I think they use the same software as MySpace because it’s almost identical, as far as social networking/photo sharing things go. Anyways, the person there says “Since I have a really cool gallery and artwork, we want to send you an ArtZone baseball cap.” SWEET! If you know me, you know I’m always looking for another ballcap to add to my collection…

Here it is, it arrived at my office over the weekend.

Back to my story… I get an email offering a free download of their DAZStudio 3d software (a plugin for Bryce, i think) as well as a free download of a person model to use in Bryce and DAZstudio. How cool! All this free stuff!

I may start dabbling in Bryce again. I tried it this morning as I’m on the train, and it doesn’t look like much has changed. I made this image in about 10 minutes:

It makes me want to dig up my old CD-Roms and make some of my Wheel of Time artwork bigger, now that screens have increased in size over the 10 years or so since I did them…

Okay, time to walk to work!


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