To quote Han Solo, “SHUT UP OR SHUT DOWN!”

Ya know, I’m all for accountability. I’m all for not letting projects fall thru the cracks. And I know how easy it is for a key task to get buried in one’s inbox until the day after a deadline passes.

I know all that. And fighting my inbox is a daily task (and yes, I have read “Getting Things Done”). But when a project management system is complicated enough that it pretty much adds “one more inbox” and unwieldy system, and then to top it all off, decides to scream into my EMAIL INBOX on a daily basis, it gets a little frustrating.

Like I said, I’m all for not letting tasks slip thru the cracks, but at the same time, as tech-savvy as I am being on a computer all day, I think I still must have a little Luddite in me somewhere.

I disavow electronic calendars (even though I try to use Google Calendar and iCal and once upon a time, Outlook’s calendar) even though how easy and important it is to share information with others in this digital age. I still prefer a spiral-bound written daily planner. I still prefer a spiral bound notebook to bring into meetings for jotting stuff down, rather than just pouring into a Word Doc on my laptop…

There comes a time when you run out of fingers to tie strings on, and then forget what else you’ve tied strings on, and are too busy to take off your shoes and look at the strings around your toes… does this make any sense, people??

I think it’s serious information overload. I will do my best to be accountable for the tasks assigned to me. I don’t want an annoying and complex droid following me around and giving me “helpful reminders” every 5 minutes. It’s like that stupid cartoon paperclip in Office that everyone shuts down one minute after first running the software.


Okay, sorry. Getting off the soapbox now. Where’s my blaster?


One Reply to “To quote Han Solo, “SHUT UP OR SHUT DOWN!””

  1. a little correction for all the fanboys out there: Solo actually said “Shut him up, or shut him down!” Just realized that. I felt a great disturbance in the Force and all that jazz… now leave me alone. Rush Limbaugh is on!

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