Testing an animation

Jim tasked me yesterday with trying a few things to animate a Dry Erase board. Here’s what came of my first attempt…

…it appears that I was a bit quick to take some of the photos during the “Yes” part, because some were blurry. I was in a bit of a hurry to catch my train, so now I know that I need to slow down on that part. But overall it looks rather decent…

Here’s a video capture of writing in Photoshop on a white screen. It looks a little fake, but this might be the right path to go down…

I might to a hybrid of the two, if I can use a still of the blank board, and then write on a layer above with some sort of “dry erase” style Photoshop brush… hmmmmmm…

Check this one out… try number three!


3 Replies to “Testing an animation”

  1. Rob: Screenflow (the registered version at least) lets you hide the cursor. As for dry erase brushes, shouldn’t be hard at all to accomplish.

  2. i think you’re right, Brad… thats one thing I’m trying to overcome by making a dry erase brush in Photoshop. We’ll see.

    I may do it in Painter.

    The other challenge is to get rid of the cursor… hmmmmm…

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