As a designer, do you confine your creativity to only your professional work? As a designer myself with a family, I doubt you do…
For me, I find myself doing design and illustration not just for those people who pay me to do so, but as an act of service to those I love the most.  My wife, my daughter and son, and the occaisonal project for friends or colleagues of theirs (that’s a careful balance).
But I’ve done party invititations, birthday cards, computer wallpapers, school projects to help out the kids’ teachers, and lots more. Here are several design projects I’ve done “pro bono” – where the only price is love…
Here are a couple of birthday things I did:

Jennifer and I did an HTML email for the invitations to our house warming party. We ARE that geeky!!! (This is also the first time I drew Mellow):

This last year, I put together a DVD version of a “newsletter” of family happenings, and we gave these out to all our friends. Here are the front and back covers:

Care to share some of your own “personal projects”?