Okay… so I was curious what a film crew was doing over in Pioneer Square so after lunch I took a short walk to burn off some burritos… having found nobody with an answer, I started heading back and after I crossed the crosswalk I made a cardinal sin: Never make eye-contact with a person holding a clip-board.

“Hi, would you like to support the ACLU?” And the young kid started his ramble… now, there are points of contention I have with the organization, but I think they also stand for some good causes too. So as I half listened to his list of current actions, I started checking off my mental list, “Liberal cause. Liberal cause. Another liberal cause.” Silly Seattle… Anyway, about this time, a guy randomly walks up to me.

“Here, have some coffee…” and hands me a small bottle of Folgers Crystals with a $3.79 pricetag on top. Now the only interpretation I have for this random event is that I appeared homeless to him. Why else would someone spontaneously give a guy a jar of crap coffee 50 feet from a Starbucks and directly in front of a small sidewalk cafĂ© in the middle of the Coffee Mecca of the World?

Do i REALLY look homeless, people? Be honest. Because if that’s what he thought, that would make the THIRD time I’ve been mistaken for a bum. And frankly, it’s beginning to get a little embarassing…

Upon return to the office, I asked Nathan. But then I realized he can’t be trusted. He’s the one who remarked that when a fellow is wearing a plaid shirt, he “can’t tell if the guy is homeless or just from the Northwest.” That still makes me laugh.

Unlike this excuse for coffee. But I’m keeping it, cuz even though I’ll never drink the swill, it makes a great conversation piece!!