Manufacturing Brochure

Here are a couple shots of the brochure I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s an 8 page, 2-sheet (8.5″x 11″ folded in half) brochure I put together in InDesign CS3. It’s been a bit of a learning curve, because I’ve been putting into practice a lot of the techniques I learned at the InDesign seminar I went to a few weeks ago:

  1. Use layers for different types of content – one for type, one for background elements, one for photos. It makes it easy to flow text and manipulate the design.
  2. Set up styles for the type – I created paragraph styles for product names, subheads, body text, pricing, etc. It made it very quick to format blocks of text once it was all entered.
  3. Use Table Styles – You can specify your background colors and auto-alternating screened colors before you even enter information – all automatically.

I also learned about the “Print Booklet…” option – I never thought to look into anything other than cmd-P when it came to printing, and was having a heck of a time getting the printer to do Printer Spreads automatically without re-arranging all my pages… until I discovered “Print Booklet…” at the bottom of the File menu. Use it and save a lot of otherwise pulled-out hair!


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