Okay, “Colorburned” made 104 awesome dry erase pen brushes for Illustrator. All well and good, but I REALLY need to use them in Photoshop. I have MASS drawings to do for this video we’re making and if I can cut out 50% of the production time, drawing in Illustrator and Pasting into Photoshop, then that’ll really help.

I couldn’t find anywhere that told me how to convert from one sort of brush to another, so I took a stab at it. In order to get the brush shape in Illustrator without much of a stroke, I took one of the brushes, gave it a tap with the pencil tool in illustrator, and then copy/pasted that into a new hi-res PSD file.

In Photoshop, with that layer selected, I did EDIT>DEFINE BRUSH PRESET and then tweaked the settings in the Brushes pallette as seemed necessary… opacity, stylus pressure, wet edges, etc.

This is how I’ve gotten it looking… This image is 100% Photoshop. I’m thinking it should do nicely!!!

PS Thanks Colorburned, for the original Illustrator brush I worked from.