Drawing pictures all day (ain’t all its cracked up to be!)

I only have a week to get all the illustrations and animations on my plate done, as well as develop a logo and design the DVD wrap for this upcoming training video. So I spend all day drawing these:

This first batch Jim said was too cartoony. I figured for a quick pan, we didnt want to get too detailed… but okay, fair enough. He said more refined and realistic with the hatched line shading I did on the feet and brain. Here’s my second take:

Jim still thought those were too caracature-ized… which i could see. Well, not the last one. But okay, more refined. Think comic books, Rob… pretty realistic facial proportions but still stylized. Okay, I can do that. This one took me the longest:

(BTW number 4 sure looks like Tony Stark from Iron Man, huh?)

At this point, he realized this was taking way too long, and this is probably too detailed for a few-second background graphic. I agree – the same feeling was growing in me everytime I had to go back to the drawing board. In the end, the idea was scrapped and we’ll just do a few photos placed in thought bubbles.

So that’s how my day was wasted. Grrar. Nobody to blame, just another “trip to Abilene”…


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