Designing the DVD Wrap…

A funny thing happened on this project… as you’ve seen, a lot of this video contains my illustration work and animation, to give it a unique visual style.

I found out the other day that by 10am (18 mins ago now) this DVD wrap needed to be finished and approved. Check. But in order to do that, at the end of the day yesterday I needed to gather whichever distinct elements I could dig up for the wrap’s design, from the other aspects of the project.

I found illustrated lightening bolts and brains, a key image in this video. I also found thought bubbles I drew using Grant Friedman’s illustrator dry erase brushes. I also had to find a photo of Sweeney for the cover, per my director’s instruction. He didn’t want to use my illustration of John on the cover. No problem, I got that too. So as I set to assembling these together at the end of the day while riding the train home, I noticed a distinct style emerging…

And here’s the funny thing. It’s a style I read about on a blog a couple weeks ago, and thought it was interesting article. It talked about a current trend in movie poster design, using hand drawn art in additon to photography. Think Juno, Napoleon Dynamite, etc… I liked it, and it’s catching on out there. But the funny thing is that I didn’t even think about that article, those posters, or anything like it while designing this DVD wrap. Funny how the subconcious speaks up, isn’t it?

Here’s the wrap now. What do you think?

(My boss said it’s cuz my generation is out there doing the work now, which makes sense… he said “you grew up on comic books, cartoons…” I also told him that my favorite era of movie poster design was before it was all done in Photoshop – you know, the standard three giants heads in the top 2/3rd’s, wide shot down below, title always rendered in Trajan… I loved when movie posters were actually painted. Like Raiders of the Lost Ark, all those cheezy sci-fi pulp movies, and the great work of Saul Bass… I think we’re seeing the trend in design turn back to more of a craft, and less of a ‘one click commodity’…)


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