My Last Day at MPC

I’ve had such a blast working at Media Partners. They’re like a second family today, so while today won’t be goodbye, it will be kinda like moving out of home and going out on my own, while visiting now and then to do laundry. Except I’ll do design instead of laundry which is infinately more fun.

On the other hand, maybe I’ll stay caught up on laundry now that I’ll be working from home.

I will miss the day to day banter with my coworkers though. I’ll miss having spontaneous lunches together, I’ll miss going to movies during the day, I’ll miss saying Hi to everyone as they go by my workspace. I won’t miss always making the new pot of coffee. I will miss Jim’s smiling face each morning, I’ll miss hearing Bob’s contagious laugh echo down the halls. I’ll miss Maureen and her song bombs and Elvis mornings. I already miss Nathan and our lunchtime rounds of Wii Golf or baseball – I still don’t think I ever beat him.

I’ll miss Susan and Paul and Ghazal and Sion and Nat and Phil and Amy and Gail and Sharon and Michael and Kristie and Kevin and Donna and Sue and Laurie… but it’s all good, because I have my first customer already. I’ll still do work WITH Media Partners, just not FOR Media Partners – so I’ll be in now and then, and now that Google has video chat, I could even see them from home!

It’s sad but I’m happy and it’s exciting but it’s scary but I have faith that God will be in this and will lead me day by day. I need to remember that Media Partners or freelance clients or Jennifer’s job are not my provider. God is. Those jobs are just the pipes he uses to send his blessings down… and they get here one way or another, regardless of where the paycheck comes from. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

So thanks MPC for teaching me video and animation and allowing me to design DVD menus and illustrate a book and to concept and design full systems of DVD packaging, labels, booklets, etc. I’ve grown in my career so much since coming to work with you, but I’ve grown even more as a person. Thanks again, and I’ll see ya on the other side!


2 Replies to “My Last Day at MPC”

  1. Rob,
    You were a ray of sunshine everyday. Never a negative word and always a positive attitude.

    I wish you the best in your new business. The fact you will continue to work with MPC in the future makes this process a lot easier.

    See ya,

  2. Christianson:

    You’re actually going to *miss* Jann’s song-bombs? You know I’m not a religious chap in the slightest, but I would personally take that as a blessing. ;-)

    Enjoy yourself as Mr. Freelancer. I know I did. The luxury of being able to pick and choose projects – contingent on one being actually offered them, of course.

    At least I know you won’t stray to the Dark Side (Redmond).



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