My first day as a freelancer.

Well, here I am at my messy desk that has yet to be organized. And I’m actually doing the first item on my list – brainstorming domain names for my new site that will hopefully incorporate this blog. It’ll be an exciting project to get started on once the URL is locked down.

I have about 18 possibilities jotted down so far, along with a huge list of “buzz words”.

I’ve also been IMing with a former coworker who went freelance a few years ago, so we’re kind of in the same boat.

I’ve been trying to build up an online presence over the past few years, so I started portfolios on easy-to-update sites such as and also (after reading an article on how much having a flickr account increases your search visibility). and and LinkedIn have also proven valuable to connect with others in the industry. Oh, and Twitter, which I’ve stumbled across recently.

Most people just use Twitter to let folks know the mundane details of their lives that don’t really matter, like which cereal they’re eating for breakfast… but I think if you follow people of like interest or career, you can not only find others who can ‘talk shop’ when you’re not in a community setting physically, but you can also make contacts and build networks, so that if someone has too much work, you can help with that burden and increase your own business.

Well that’s enough for now. I need to move on to other items on my list as well. Such as cleaning up this disaster area that will become my new workspace. Cheers!


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