Day 2 as a Freelancer…

Today I sent 5 portfolio samples to my Rep… (it sounds so official! I’m excited.)

I also locked down and with my lovely wife’s help… Thanks Jennifer!! I’m excited to make a new site. I need to get up to speed on web technology lately though – I’ve been 90% print, which is fine – its what I prefer. But I need a web site with an easy to update portfolio. I like that Ajax stuff like “lightbox” and stuff.

So I’m kinda like Joe The Plumber without the vetting process!

Plus, I want to integrate the social networking sites I’m affiliated with into this new site. So thats my project for the week, since Jennifer dropped my name to a guy who’s wife writes books and needs an illustrator… No pressure!! LOL

Let’s see, what else. Oh, I really cluttered up my desk with CD Roms of old work putting those PDFs together, and I created a placeholder image for the new website:

I think I need to get started on DVD menus for Media Partners this week. And I think I’ll start concepting the new site tomorrow… it’s getting late and the kids are home now. I am loving this… I was able to go to Haylee’s basketball game last night, and this Thursday we have our Home Study for the adoption… yay! Almost done with that process.

So all in all, a good day even though I was greeted this morning by a naughty dog who tore up the big garbage can and dragged stuff all through the kitchen and living room. BAD BUDDY!

Okay, that’s all for today. See ya peeps!

PS: My ol’ buddy Leo friended me on Facebook! “HELLO, NEWMAN!” Haha! I miss that guy a lot.


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