It’s not so glamorous

I’m quickly learning that life as a freelancer isn’t just drawing pictures all day. There’s a lot of networking  and digging that you need to do, so  that people out there actually find and see your work. If they don’t, your phone won’t ring and the only new emails you’ll get are spam wanting you to buy some fancy new watch from the back alleys of Bangkok.

I made a promising contact with some folks over at Christianity Today – which is a miracle in itself because the book I got the information for was a couple years old, and the info I copied into a word doc has also been collecting dust in my hard drive for the last 3 years. I’m excited though – it shows me that God hasn’t forgotten about me yet.

But as for the glamour of the job, today I’m designing sets and costumes and props for our church children’s play this weekend. I love this stuff though. Never let your ego get too big that you forget that you’re still a servant of the King.

After all, a smart fellow once said “Blessed are the lowly in heart.” ;)


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