A surprisingly productive day…

Today my kids had an impromtu drama group meeting, so that freed me up (since they’re on Christmas break) to head down to Seattle for an important errand that I’ve been meaning to get to for quite  a while. So now, as a result, I’ll be doing work through a major staffing firm in Seattle. This could be really good.

I also picked up my plant I’d left at Media Partners, touched base with some former coworkers and had the opportunity to poke my head in at RocketDog Communications and drop off my card, in case they need any help from freelancers in the future.

AND on the way home, I got a call from another guy who has a nice sounding fulltime job up for grabs with a major Christian publisher. It’s Web design, but that’s okay. That was 50% of my workload at Media Partners, and 100% of my workload at HighPoint Solutions.

I’ll still be able to freelance and may eventually be going back to Seattle – it’s amazing how in the midst of anxiety and self-doubt, God proves faithful and shows he’s still there, and he’s still in control. That said, I have high hopes for 2009, whichever way the wind blows. =)

In additon to those contacts, I’ve been able to spend time helping my wife at her shop, since her coworker called in sick and she was swamped. Remember, God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others.

Let the drawing begin!


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