My wife bought one of those Starbucks Design-Your-Own coffee tumblers a while back, so I decided to make her some artwork for it. Before that, when I used to work at Horton Lantz Marocco, I was actually hired as an illustrator to create art for those coffee tumblers, but then Starbucks pulled their design in-house, and the one concept I had designed never saw the light of day. But that’s okay, because that meant that my wife got the only available copy of my design on her new tumbler.

If you know anything about those Design-Your-Own tumblers, though, you know that one trip through the dishwasher or a loose bottom in the sink will ruin the art. That gradually happened to her “prototype” of my “coffee cups to birds” tumbler, so I made her a few more. I also gave some away as white elephant gifts when I worked at Media Partners, and I got into the game when I got my own DYO Tumbler.  I had the idea to use it for self-promotion while I commuted to Seattle each day on the Sounder train. Here are the designs I’ve come up with so far: