God is Great!

My freelance business has gradually been picking up speed, which is a real confirmation to me that it was the right thing to do, at least for now. When I was laid off from my job at Media Partners, I had the choice to either be a “victim” or look at it as an opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted to do.

And thank the Lord that’s what Jennifer and I did. Trusting in the midst of a down economy, I got to work building a new website and assembling a new portfolio to shop around.

It was slow at first, but sometimes a step of faith is what it takes… gradually the work started trickling in, and now I’m at a comfortable level. I could use more, but again it’s all in God’s timing.

I’ve had web design jobs thanks to a great developer I worked with at my last job, I recently did a fun magazine masthead logo design project for my denomination’s publishing house, and now I’m finally getting the opportunity to illustrate and design a children’s book – something I’ve wanted to do for years!

So I guess I write all this to just thank God for taking care of me and my family, but also to encourage others who might be thinking of stepping out during this trying time, and making a go of their own business. Put God first, and if it’s in His will, there’s no stopping it from happening. =)


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