Book Illustration process

Hi everyone, since so many people keep asking me about my book project, I thought I’d give you a glimpse inside the process, now that I know I’m allowed to. ;)

First, I start out with really rough sketches. Once I get the scene composed how I like it, I’ll do a second, more refined sketch (HB pencil on tracing paper) which I then scan and present to the client. Here’s the first rough drawing:


Next, I do the linework in photoshop on a layer above the sketch layer, so I get really clean lines which I can move around in my scene to refine the composition. Here’s the main character, Penelope:


After the scene is composed, it looks like this in Photoshop:


Next, adding color. This is a process in and of itself, but in the end, after everything is filled in, shaded, lighting effects applied, and other top secret magic tricks, we end up with a beautiful image like this one, the first illustration of the story:


Project update: I’ve created sketched illustrations for each page of the book now. They’re in the review and revision stage. Here’s a sneak peek at the 2nd page so far:



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