One of the hardest parts of doing a children’s book, so I’ve heard, is keeping your character looking consistant through all 16+ illustrations. Now I know what they meant. Case in point:

Illustration #4 of Penelope Pilot:

sketch4“Her head’s too big. It looks like a pumpkin on a stick!”  ;)  Never let it be said that I cannot handle a little criticism, even if it isn’t “seasoned with salt” to quote the Bible…  picture-7Plus, I heard her overcoat looks like a bathrobe.  Now I’ve drawn Penelope over 25 times now, and still I’m having the hardest time keeping her looking like this (color) each time…

Here’s the revised sketch, with an entirely new background. Notice how her head is now smaller. I was joking with my client, that now she looks more like a “rutebega on a stick”, rather than a pumpkin. ;)  See, still after 25 times, her head keeps changing size. Like my friend Jeffrey said, “Consistency is an art all in itself.” Amen to that.


Do any illustrators out there who have done children’s books have any advice on how I could keep this from happening? I’m open to any feedback out there.