Educational Children’s Books and Review: Illustrator John Skewes

The thing that I really like about this Penelope Pilot book that I’m working on, is that not only is it a great little story with a fun character, it’s that the book actually teaches about aviation as kids read it. They’ll learn common terms like turbine and epaulets (those stripey things pilots wear on their shoulders) and many more. It has been a learning process for me as well!

Picture 1Another great book I grabbed from the library recently that does this well is “Larry Gets Lost in Seattle”, a cute story about a dog who gets separated from his boy on a trip to Seattle. The story then uses sidenotes to teach about landmarks around our town, such as the Pike Place Market, Safeco Field, and (how cool is this) the Fremont Troll and “Waiting for the Interurban” statues. Plus, the illustrations are extremely cool in a retro, fun and kid-friendly style. Everything about this book makes me wish I didn’t have to return it to the library.

So check out “Larry Gets Lost in Seattle” by John Skewes, as well as keep an eye out for Penelope Pilot by Lynda Meeks and yours truly!


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