Children’s Illustrators: Guy Francis

McCovertext_1Take a look at Guy Francis – he was the illustrator of one of my latest finds at the library, “Mrs. Mc Bloom, CLEAN UP Your Classroom!”, written by Kelly DiPucchio. The thing that grabs me about Guy’s illustrations in this book is just the amount of STUFF he packs into each illustration. I’ve been a sucker for details ever since I was in first grade and used to get all the Richard Scarry books I could from the library. I loved studying all the little things going on in each picture, and I see that in Francis’ work too.

I also love the characters he draws – they’re whimsical, funny, yet still look like real kids – hard to explain… it reminds me of the old PC game, Willy Beamish. The characters look similar – cartoon, yet realistic as well. My drawings tend to be the same, so I probably gravitate to his work in that aspect as well.

Having kids in elementary school myself (well, one now) I have seen first hand how cluttered a teacher’s classroom can get – which is the premise of the book. My favorite illustration in the book shows the classroom being cleaned out for a rummage sale, and you can see the sedimentary layers of earth beneath, which contain a dinosaur skeleton, pipes, bots, a time capsule and, my favorite, Davy Jones’ locker. HA!

Guy, if you read this, great job. I loved every square inch of this book. I’ll be looking for more of your work in the future.

This book is definately an inspiration to me while I create Penelope Pilot – and I just noticed it’s overdue. Sorry kids, I’ll bring this back to the library very soon. My teacher always said I share well with others. ;)


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