Play BALL!!!!!

Baseball season always means a load of pro-bono work done around my house, for my kids’ teams. Here’s a look at some of the pieces my wife and I put together as gifts for the team:


I designed baseball cards at the last minute as my wife was artfully cropping and color correcting team photos.

Marlins_packageShotI also put together a video for the kids each year… I video tape the games with our DV camcorder, import my footage into iTunes and delete all the strikeouts and not-so-good stuff (my wife says this makes our team look unbeatable) and then pick some rockin’ music to accompany the highlights. We burn DVDs, create labels and wraps (I used to work for a DVD producer) and they turn out looking pretty slick!

Jennifer keeps score “as a hobby” usually, and this year she’s compiled the kids’ stats.

Here’s the highlight video: Marlins 09 Season Highlights on Vimeo.

Whew. It’s a lot of work. And now I think I just found out that the girls’ team end-of-season party is this weekend! There goes my Saturday! (and prob a bit of the week too).   But it’s so fun. Like Jennifer says, “I love watching my kids play baseball!”


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