What would you do?

As an illustrator and as a Christian I’ve been presented with a couple different projects, one of which I turned down, and another that I’m still wondering about.

Would you take on a project that you knew represented false teachings? Even if it wasn’t overt but still might further the client’s organization? I wouldn’t redesign Planned Parenthood’s logo, or design a new site or tract for the LDS church necessarily, but what if it’s not that obvious? Maybe it’s no different…

I’m not designing a porn site, but is there a difference? I have a feeling of what I should do, but what about you? I’m looking for advice please.


5 Replies to “What would you do?”

  1. I disagree, sir (or Madam as the case may be). Just because Random House might publish a book I disapprove of wouldn’t preclude me from doing design work for one of their millions of OTHER titles. They are the ones hiring me, not the other way around.

    In terms of your question about “those of us” who made a similar decision, I’m speaking about the one or two other Christians who were asked by the same person about the job. It was an illustration job for a conflicting system of belief if you must know, and by respect I mean “Okay, I respect your decision” coming as a reply.

    As I am not God, I would not play the judge over someone’s destiny on my own merit. But I am called by the Lord to ‘judge a tree by the fruit it produces’ – and since I disagree with the teachings that these pieces adhere to, it is my prerogative to turn down an illustration job I would rather not be a part of. If you would rather have that job, then I would have been happy to refer the project to you, Anonymous. The potential client was a very polite gentleman, and most likely someone who would be very easy to work with.

    I chose not to, which is my decision. And for me, there is NOT “more than one way to skin a cat” because I believe Jesus when he says “I am THE way, [emphasis mine] the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father EXCEPT by me.

  2. well the project is an extension of the company, so you are judging them. you judge a company by its work. is this a company that does work that stands for something other than what the company describes itself as? like making money?

    and im not anonymous, you have my ip address. good job with that. i just found your site cuz of your twitter ramblings

    he respected “those of us” who is us? did his respect lead to you getting work that you didn’t judge to be profane? its a religious thing, right? you know there’s more than one way to skin a cat?

  3. I wasn’t judging THEM – I was judging what their project stood for. Just because I have children doesn’t mean I’d be taking any project that came long – in a lot of cases, just the opposite.

    If I was asked to do a porn site, I would turn it down. There is something called values and something called ethics, neither of which are outdated, even in this tough economy.

    In this case, the client was very understanding and respected those of us who did turn him down for this very reason even more, Mr. Anonymous.

  4. i think these clients wouldn’t want a designer who is silently judging them. also, you’re a bit nutters for turning down work – don’t you have children?

    how uptight are you man?

  5. Rob, I wouldn’t take on a job that was giving me bad feelings. As a Christian, I think that’s one way God talks to me (and to you!) to show us the right things to do.
    If I’ve prayed about it (and I’m pretty sure you have) and I can’t get any peace about it, I’d leave it alone.
    Just my two cents worth…

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