Returning to The Wheel of Time…

Out of the blue, I received an inquiry about purchasing prints of my old Wheel of Time art. Always wanting to be the accomodating artist, I dug up my old files, downloaded a recent version of Bryce that would actually work is OS X, and got ready for disappointment. Unfortunately all my textures for my favorite image, “The Death of Kinslayer” were lost…

BUT the image they were asking for, The Seals Are Breaking, still worked fine (with a tiny bit of tweaking.) Here is the original piece:

Once I fixed the Aes Sedai symbol (looks like the Yin Yang thing with no dots) I did a few tweaks on things that had always bugged me with the original (directions of light beams, texture of ground, etc), and I fine tuned the environmental effects from what I could remember about the program. Here’s the new one:

I think I’m finally happy with it. After 13 or so years!


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