Clue Characters T-Shirts!


Due to a recent surge in popularity of my illustrations based on the board game Clue (or Cluedo), I’ve decided to create some t-shirts based on these pieces. So far, I have two shirt designs ready and hosted on my store over at – Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet. If you’d like to place an order, head over to today! Affordable prices and great designs you won’t find anywhere else!


2 Replies to “Clue Characters T-Shirts!”

  1. Hmm – that’s a good point. I didn’t think to license it since I didn’t reference the game or Hasbro in the design, but I suppose if the character’s name is registered then that is a necessary step I need to take. Advice?

  2. Hi Rob, great shirt! I’m thinking of doing something similar with a boardgame theme. Was it expensive to license?

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