New Project: Tradeshow Banners

Here’s a quick project I’m working on this week for J&D Foods. They will have a presence at an upcoming tradeshow, so I’ve been tasked with designing two large vertical banners to sit on both sides of their booth.

I’ve used an old-school dithering trick I learned from Greg Hunt back at HLM (now HL2). It used to drive us crazy in the e-pro area when he’d create these dithers because they took so long to process and RIP, but now that computers are faster and printing is all digital it lends a great “natural” effect to vector layouts.

If anyone wants to know how to create it, I’ll be glad to share in an upcoming post. Just ask. For now, here are the banners:

tradeshow_banners_2upPS: In case you’re wondering, that blue line was a guide on screen when i took a screenshot in Illustrator. I’m also going to reduce the size of “POP IT” and “DIP IT” so they’re more uniform to the neighboring banner…


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