Changes to the Last Illustration


The illustration of the view from the air traffic control tower has been bugging my client for a long time and she couldn’t put her finger on why. We finally realized it was the 2-point perspective of the runway – it was a bit off, making the far taxiway look like a “high speed taxiway” (angled) rather than parallel to the runway.

Since consistency is key going from page to page in a children’s book (just watch “Elf” for an example) I will be redoing the runway – a very large undertaking for one illustration this late in the game, but a necessary step.

Since I nailed the runway markings on the following page’s illustration, I needed to make a reference to make sure the runway is technically accurate. I made a quick, flat, 2d version on a separate layer in Photoshop, which I will be duplicating as neccessary and playing with the perspective tools until I have it perfect.

runway perspective

All in all, even though this change is a LOT of work to a previously approved illustration, I’m confident it will look TONS better!


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