I’m working on some design projects for Alaska Excursions, including updating their logo to be more “web friendly” and less busy.

Here’s the original logo:
Picture 4

Preliminary updates and explorations:
Picture 3

Further updates working with type and reworking the compass element:
Picture 2

The “almost final” version working with colors and how the compass interacts with the typography…

Picture 1

I’ve developed a nice color palette using Adobe Kuler (palette available for download here).

Picture 5

Finally, I worked with my stylized mountains in the middle. They were looking too sleek and sporty and kept reminding me of the Coors Light logo, so I’ve added some sweeping curves to play off the thicks and thins of the typography, and I also added waves to convey the nature of the company, which offers adventure tours to cruise ship passengers when they come into port.

Picture 7

What do you think, folks?