My first children’s book, Penelope Pilot, is now available!

Good news everyone! My first children’s book, “Penelope Pilot and her First Day as Captain” has been published and is now available for sale at!

Here are some of the illustrations…


3 Replies to “My first children’s book, Penelope Pilot, is now available!”

  1. Hey Chris,

    Congrats on the book! Looks great! I am sort of following your footsteps in terms of I have a book that I am illustrating in the early stages. I was wondering did you know the writer and create everything before getting published or did you get hired by the publisher? I guess I am wondering if you had a book deal and what/how that process was. Please check out my sample of the first page and let me know your thoughts and some feedback.

  2. Thanks Chris. From start to finish, the book took about 15 months. The approval/revision/redrawing process took the longest, especially cuz I put it on the back burner when other clients projects came along, got busy with other stuff or just plain lacked motivation. But from sending the final art out the door to getting the books from the printer, it was probably 4-6 weeks.

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