I had an interview earlier this week with a great agency. And from what I saw of the company, from the folks I met with, first impressions and the job description, I would LOVE to work there. Plus, it’s really close to home, so there’s a minimal commute. All great so far.

The only misgivings I have come from the fact that they don’t allow their employees to freelance. Now, they have a great reason – folks were burning themselves out, so when they came to work in the morning, they couldn’t give their best on the job. I 100% respect that.

Now, I wouldn’t mind not taking on new work, but in the event that I’m asked to illustrate another children’s book in the future, or considering I have very close relationships with two clients who I wouldn’t want to leave high and dry, I don’t think I could shut and lock that door.

From what was said, the rule was non-negotiable. Does that mean I forget the potential job and look elsewhere? Or would you propose an agreement, such as a hourly cap per month (my monthly work on these 2 clients would be miniscule)… what would you do?

Please reply below so we can have a discussion about this. Thanks to all my readers (if there are any) for your opinions and advice. ;) -Rob