Creatures, Kobalds and Elvis, o my!

Okay, actually, this isn’t about Elvis, but the King may still be alive out there somewhere.

I recently finished a short-term freelance assignment at Creature, a design firm on Capital Hill. That place is seriously cool and crazy as well. The people were great to work with – just watch out for the Robot. He’s always watching.

I’m currently finishing up a slew of freelance projects, from product logos and social icons to Websites and banner ads, as I prepare to make the transition back to full time employment as a Sr.UX Designer for Cobalt in Seattle.

What does this mean to my existing clients? Not a whole lot, other than the fact that I will be unavailable to field phone calls during the work day starting 3/28. If we’re currently working together, I’d love to continue to do so, and can continue to accommodate your creative needs.

In the meantime, in the words of the Dread Pirate Roberts, “Rest well, and dream of large women.” And bring on the bacon.


Thoughts? Hit me up on Twitter at @robchristianson and let me know what you think.


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