I got hacked. Me! What, not enough bacon posts?

Hey gang. In case you’re wondering what happened to my blog, it turns out my WordPress site was hacked about 4 different times in the last couple months, and its finally back up.

I set up a quick theme I was using previously, and had to delete all other themes I had been using – hence why the footer and sidebars now look a little wonky. And I’m so busy I haven’t had time to fix it yet – I’ve been busy with two cool UX design projects at Cobalt (widgets for car dealers’ sites), more simultaneous projects with J&D’s than ever before (including the Bacon Coffin which is all over the media now, as well as several new packaging projects), and to top it all off, my kids’ Baseball/Fastpitch seasons started, so you know I’ll be spending a lot of time filming and editing team videos again! I know how the White Rabbit feels… and to top it all off, after tweeting at #AEASEA yesterday, i’ll probably have designers looking at my site! What was that comment about someone’s boxers showing?

An Event Apart, Seattle 2012Anyways, I’m in the process of cleaning my Blog back up, and would love to attempt to create my own WP theme after all the talk of adaptive design by Jeffrey Zeldman (@Zeldman) and Scott Berkun (@Berkun) at An Event Apart Seattle yesterday. I met some great folks, found a photo of myself in one of the presentations and had entirely too many free Cokes and Gummi Bears in one 8-hour period than should be allowed by law, and took a HEAP of notes (thanks @evernote!) It was awesome.

I’ve never created my own WP theme, but I’m always dissatisfied with a theme ‘not quite being what I see in my head’ and my own lack of Dev skills. Maybe time for me to try to expand my horizons and see what can happen! What do you guys think?

Current tunage: The Cinematics’ “Let’s Go Steady” (i LOVE this song!)


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